Everything had started well: a pretty little Picard, 4 months old for adoption, had found a new home in England.  The 2 families had spoken together, vaccines and documents were in order.  A night on the ferry for our English friends then a meeting and a walk together before leaving for Calais and the Eurotunnel shuttle (a 7-hour drive), and now the well-oiled machinery seizes up.

10:15 p.m.,a panicked call from our English friends, impossible to find the chip during the control at the Pet Control in Calais, the customs officer explains to me that she has tried everything but nothing is found….  Toupenn cannot enter England, 2 of the family members have to work the next morning, what to do with Toupenn?  To avoid taking him to a kennel or SPA, only one idea comes to my mind, Patrick is nearby, I call him  at 10:30 p.m., he answers and kindly agrees to pick up Toupenn and take him home temporarily.  Having a litter at home, he installs his bed in the car to spend the night with the little one who is a little shaken by all these changes.  Bravo for your speed of reaction and your kindness Patrick!

And now we find ourselves with an “undocumented” dog for whom we have to find a foster family while we take more time, call our network and the large Picardy family. Christelle responds to Marité’s call and opens her house.  But it’s in Brittany and Toupenn is in Calais!!!  Quick, a call to our nice carriers who have already helped us out during the lockdown and laughing (who asks for the impossible in an emergency? AAA BP 🥹), they leave the same afternoon for Calais, welcome Toupenn in their home and leave  for Brittany the next day.  Thank you Affaires de Pattes, you always respond efficiently and in a good mood.

Phew, Toupenn can finally settle down, welcomed and pampered in a family of Picardiers, with a big brother who will participate in his education.  The outings begin, he discovers friends at the dog’s club, puts on his vest to swim in the sea, and we can consider his future.  First step, identify him again and yesterday he became our « ward » by being chipped in the name of AAA and we will be able to take our time tôfind him a family.  He will stay as long as necessary with Christelle to continue his socialization and education and will stay in France because there is no question for the veterinarian to re-vaccinate him against rabies one month after the first vaccine (the European passport is no longer valid).  He must not  sire puppies as , during the scan intended to find the previous chip, the veterinarian diagnosed a large (congenital) heart which does not currently require treatment but regular monitoring.

AAA took care of the transport, the veterinarian, and continues to assume all the costs before the adoption (food, care, etc.).  Our finances are not unlimited, any help will be welcome.  Thank you in advance for your help in this exceptional situation.

And now it only remains for us to find a happy outcome to this incredible adventure, and give Toupenn a happy life as a family dog….. To your network!!!

  • Dans le vent,avant le départ
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